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Hi everybody,

After much deliberation, I decided to play FireRed/LeafGreen instead of the original games. I think the remakes are much better. I like the Vs. Seeker because I can get money and exp through it, and battling trainers is fun.

I have several Pokémon in mind and I'd like to know what nature they should be and a good moveset for them. I want to get them early on if possible, so I think I'll have to train more than 6 Pokémon.

I understand that Effort Training is a good thing if you want your Pokémon to be strong. I'll get the Macho Brace. Is there a way to know which Pokémon/trainers give which EV, and what are good starting stats/nature for the 150 original Pokés?

Some Pokés I had in mind:
Hypno (I can't get Alakazam though I'll look into simulating a trade through action replay if I can, is it possible?)
Nidoqueen/Nidoking (I don't know which one is the best)

I'd gladly get a Haunter if I could make it evolve. Same for Alakazam.

Now I'm wondering which starter to pick, I want it to be good for his type, and good against E4.

I'll grow berries, do EV training once I understand it, and try to find good movesets for Pokémon but I need some help.
I plan on starting a new game tomorrow so I need to choose my starter.