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    Originally Posted by milkymew View Post
    i named my character duuuuurp so whenever another derpizard refers to my derpizard they go "duuuuuurp!"

    also, did you somehow randomize the moves of every derpizard? i got a derpizard that had water gun and confusion and was holding a tm for hidden power, anmd i encountered a derpizard that was resistant to confusion but used peck and koed my derpizard... by the way, i tried to use hidden power but my derpizard couldn't learn it. do tms even work at all, becasue i know every pokemon normally can learn hidden power.
    lol! For the most part, this was simply a graphical hack. Only 2 Pokemon had changes to their data besides sprites and that is your starter and... Well, that is a secret.:p I left all other moves and stats the same so that it wouldn't get boring, and provide the unique challenges of not knowing what type of Pokemon you're facing, kind of like a constant guessing game.


    I am making a Prequel/Sequel which is now officially known as Derpizard: Contamination. I will make a thread on here when I am ready to release my first beta of it, but if you subscribe to me on youtube (thekaratekid552) or on the page on RHO Social ( you can get peaks into what is happening. This one will have a full story line and a ton of custom ASM to make it as awesome as possible.

    As of today, I finished the introduction and the opening scene (which is in a dream), along with already finishing the titlescreen and bootscreen. Hopefully I will find a lot of time to work on it, but it will be a while before the first beta because I want to make it 3 gyms in where you actually find out what created the derpizards (well, they won't be a problem just yet, but the seeds will have been sown....).

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