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Cape City

Zane crashed right into a pair of Kabutos who stood between him and a good portion of the Alpha Alliance army, his Iron Head breaking bones upon impact. He almost overan the two on the way to another group of Ancients, a few Omastars, a Bastiodon and a Rampardos. Zane prepared himself, and stuck towards them with a set of Iron Slashes and Aerial Aces. He did so with renewed vigor, a way of perhaps trying to mask the thoughts of his dead comrades. Hoodhide. Calamity. Dark Lightning. Each This group was headed to the Stoneguard, the capital building of Cape City, the Silver Tribe's supposed center of authority, and also apparently their most defended area of the city. Zane fought alongside some of his brothers and sisters, as well as soldiers of the Alliance as they pushed through the waves of Ancients. Yet it seemed for every Ancient they would slay, two more took their place. Indeed, it appeared in Cape City, they faced the largest of the armies since they had begun the reclaiming campaign a few months ago. Yet strangely, none of these forces came close to the size of the original wave that began the conquering years ago. Zane remembered: a force of vast proportions, an army that seemed to never end. It was in those moments long ago that he believed hope had long been taken from them.

As he took down the Bastiodon, his charge matching Zane's punches, only to find itself overmatched. Zane stepped over its body and continued forward. In the distance, Zane saw as a group of Alpha Alliance soldiers, already at the gates of the Stoneguard. As General Belas directed, a team of Lairon, Stantler, and Tauros gathered at the front gates to act as a battering ram. Together, they began tackling forward at the gates, determined to break them open. Yet all around, Ancients still on the outside of the gates were trying to stop them. Large Pokemon, like Snorlaxes, Rhyperiors, and Golems tried to hold them off, taking most of the damage and acting as the shield to the battering Pokemon. Zane saw this opportunity to assist in the defense to help bring the gates down. He headed over, running through the crowd.

Yet as he approach, a sudden shot of pain to his head made him come to an abrupt halt and cause him to clutch his head. He closed his eyes, seeing an image in his head, and when he opened them, the image continued to be seen, as if it was embedded into them. He couldn't make out the image, but saw what looked like a Pokemon of some sort. It looked at Zane, and spoke from what appeared to be deep within his skull.

“First, they came in waves, and conquered our cities. Our entire country was thrown into anarchy. Then, you set out to bring justice and stability once more, but in the process, more destruction had to created. Now, you stand on the brink of victory, but you've passed through so much devastation along the way. There is always consequences to destruction.”

As abruptly as the image appeared in his mind, it left in the same fashion. He was left there, panting on the ground, trying to make sense of things. A large paw was placed from his shoulder, causing Zane to look up and see the image of his brother Sword and Shield.

“Are you alright, brother?” He asked. “Come on, we need to move.”

“Right,” Zane replied, gathering himself and standing up, prepared to move again. “I'm right behind you.”

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