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Originally Posted by Mattso View Post
Hello, quick question. The Kecleon card from the Plasma Freeze set says that Imitack attack can

"Choose 1 of the Defending Pokémon's attacks. If this Pokémon has the necessary Energy to use that attack, use it as this attack."

Does this mean that I have to copy the energy's type as well as the cost?

Thanks guys,
What it means is that you have to have enough of the correct energy attached to Kecleon to use the attack, meaning that if you were facing a Heatran EX and you wanted to copy the "Heat Boiler" attack off of Heatran EX while using Imittack, you'd have to have 1 Fire energy and 2 energy of any kind to use Heat Boiler. The damage would done would be the same type as Kecleon is, which is where Kecleon's Ability, Color Change, comes into play: Since Kecleon has to be your active in order to attack, your Kecleon's ability turns it into the same type as Heatran EX. It's not the attack that's doing the type damage (it never is in the TCG), it's the Pokemon's type itself that does the damage.
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