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    It seems Olli def made a good choice and everyone likes Pidgey. <3 We're moving on now but you all can still make additional comments on this episode in the Original Series Discussion thread.

    This week we're going to be watching A Six Pack Attack! Necrum chose it at random and I remember it being good but nothing about it really. But it's AG and it has Birch and Oak and probably some chaos so it should be fun. You've got from June 17 to June 23 to watch and comment on this episode.

    Don't forget you can also find us in #lilycove where we can set up streaming if you want to watch with people. Also don't forget to make an episode suggestion along with your comments! It doesn't have to be a specific title even; you could just give a general idea of the type of episode you want, or a description of one you're thinking of but can't find the name of. Whatever, just suggest stuff you'd like to see!

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