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    Austin Tseng ft. Wyatt Cale - Champ de Mars, Paris, France

    The singer picked up his fallen microphone from the ground, and then swiveled his neck around to pop his joints. Austin braced himself to dodge another sonic blast. Another man, a few years older than Austin walked up. He had a composite bow, and a quiver of arrows, with him as weaponry. Austin assumed he was an Atlantean too, judging by the fact he hadn't left the scene yet. Not sure whose side the Green Arrow was on, Austin kept his defenses up. He soon saw the newcomer's intentions as he fired an arrow at the singer's microphone. As it tumbled to the ground, rendered useless by the shaft through its handle, the archer spoke.

    “Dude, your voice is crap, it’s time you got off the stage,” he strung up another arrow and continued, “the first one was a warning shot, this next one is the real deal-”

    Austin flinched as the archer was launched off his feet. He knew the feeling of losing control of your body, and it wasn't exactly fun. The archer dude was pretty tough, however. From the ground, he launched an arrow between his legs towards the singer. Unfortunately the arrow missed its target as it shattered under the force of Mr. Scream's voice.

    The Archer stood up and dusted himself of before giving Austin a comrade-like nod, “How about we force him into an early retirement?” Austin flashed a smile.

    "Suits me. I'm not a big fan of his, you see." Austin cracked his knuckles, "I'll get in close and try to hold him there," he looked at his partner, "please don't shoot me."

    Wyatt's smile soon turned to a frown, "It's not about holding him there, and it’s his voice we need to get rid of..." He looked down at the young Asian kid, even he was puzzled as to why a kid so young was fighting in a battle like this. Regardless, he didn't have the time or ability to pick whom he would fight beside. "I don't mean like kill the guy, rather incapacitate him. There's too much distance between us to really get close enough to him....say, what is your ability?"

    Austin frowned as well once he realized his plan of attack was flawed. But he took the opportunity to say his power like a child given the opportunity to eat an ice cream cone.

    "I control light," he said as he illuminated his hands, as proof. "And you?"

    "Wow, uh..." Wyatt trailed off, not knowing what to say. This kid was a walking, talking lightbulb, an ability Wyatt could see far surpassing his own, and also trumping him at the same time. If this kid decided to go Supernova while he was gazing in infra-red or night vision, Wyatt was sure he would be blinded within seconds. "I can shoot lazers out of my eyeballs," he recovered, snickering a bit, "just kidding, Mult-Sight. Pretty useless though..."

    In front of them, the singer got to his feet, blood, sweat and mud caked in his clothing and skin. He looked almost zombie-ish in the red glow of burning Paris. Wyatt notched another arrow, letting it fly at the guy again as he opened his mouth; again using his ability to deflect the arrow. They were a little buffeted by the remnants of his ability, prompting Wyatt to ask again, "so uh, we really need a plan before this guy sends us flying. Can you do anything other than glow?"

    "Yeah, though I'm afraid it’s not very lethal. I can reflect light and make a mirror. Got any ideas with that? Austin replied. This wasn't looking good, the arrows were almost useless and getting close to the singer would be very hard to capitalize on before sonic waves or meteors interrupted them.

    Wyatt thought to himself, slowly formulating a plan, "How bright can you glow?"

    Austin chuckled, "Pretty damn bright. Why?"

    "So this is going to sound weird, but if you stand in front of me and glow bright, trying to direct the light towards him so you don't blind me, we can mask our general location and I can fire arrows from behind you, he won't see them till it's too late." Wyatt quickly pushed Austin to the side before jumping the opposite, rolling out of the way from an oncoming vocal blast, "what do you think?" he yelled over the roar surpassing them.

    "Sounds fantastic," Austin yelled back. He quickly reunited with his new comrade, and positioned himself in front. He started to draw light from nearby sources to make his 'flashlight'.

    "By the way, I'm Austin," he said over his shoulder.

    "Wyatt," he responded, drawing his bow back.

    "Alright Wyatt," Austin started, "let's do this." He put his hands in front of his face, palms towards the singer. He then concentrated the photons into a beam, illuminating the area in front of them tenfold. The singer grunted and shielded his eyes from the brightness. Wyatt let the arrow fly as they began moving around the singer, notching arrows as rapidly as he sent them flying. This left the singer constantly on the defense, as all he could do was deflect as many arrows as he could, not being able to clearly see where they were coming from or where they were heading to. A couple of times he managed to let loose a roar in their direction, prompting the two to move faster. Within a matter of minutes the singer was left kneeling on the ground, breathing heavily with his knees and thighs riddled with arrows leaving Wyatt's quiver rather empty.

    Approaching the singer, he wrapped his arm around the guy's throat, cutting off any air he could summon to shout at them. He struggled for a bit, but Wyatt's hold soon took the man out as his body slumped to the ground. "Don't worry," Wyatt let Austin know, "he's only unconscious, not dead. Say, who do you fight for, anyway?"

    Austin wiped the sweat off his forehead, slightly drained from using his power for an extended period of time. "Eh, I've been hanging with the Royal Family. You know, they're like the Atlantean Authority and whatnot. Why? Are you rolling solo or what?"

    Wyatt simply nodded, he had heard of the Atlantean Royal Family from October and Adrian before, and neither had much nice to say about them. Even the Directive believed that they had some secret agenda that they were up to (which did sound a little hypocritical to Wyatt) that they weren't willing to share with any of their members. Needless to say, Austin didn't seem at all similar to how the others portrayed other Atlantean members. "I work with the Syndicate, you should join us."

    "Uh..." Austin said, unsure how to react, " see the Family hasn't been particularly bad to me...and they kinda know where my folks are so I wouldn't want to cross them..." well this was awkward.

    "So yeah, sorry but I'd have to decline. Nothing against you guys, I've actually not heard much about the Syndicate, besides rumors. Is it true that you control the United Nations?"

    Wyatt just smiled and grabbed the singer by the back of his shirt collar, "I'll see you around then," leaving Austin to the desolation around him as he dragged the singer back to the spot Jeremy had dropped them off. He wasn't angry at the kid, after all, he had his family to worry about, but Wyatt knew that sooner or later, the kid would join them. Power was everything.

    Austin stared as Wyatt dragged the singer away, a little surprised as the man’s abrupt farewell. He shrugged it off as distrust, something not uncommon in these times. He turned around and saw three figures off in the distance. As he began to approach them, he saw two of them get into a tussle. He pressed his body against the body of an abandoned red truck as he watched them from afar. They seemed to argue about something, and they started to fight. He snuck closer and overheard a girl say, “I’ll kill you like you killed my mother!”

    The speaker punched the man she was fighting, sending him flying towards Austin. Using smoke and fire as cover, he crept towards the injured man. He lay face down in the rubble, blood and ashes covering his body. Austin rolled him over, and tried to get him to come to.

    “Hey! Hey, dude!” But the dude was out cold, or if he was conscious he wasn’t responding. Austin grabbed him under the arms and dragged him back to the truck. He lifted him into the passenger seat (with a lot of effort; he was pretty heavy.) He walked back to the driver’s side and got in, looking toward the other two figures. He decided it was best to leave them be, clearly they didn’t like whoever this guy was. Did he really kill that girl’s mother? Austin was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. He closed the door and checked the ignition; the keys were still in. Whoever left it here checked out in a hurry.

    “Ugh, a manual.” Austin barely knew how to drive any car, much less a stick.

    He started it and (very roughly) drove off back to where River left the helicopter.


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