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Eris – Champ de Mars, Paris, France

Eris’ father had talked a lot about France, and his words just didn’t do justice to the beautiful architecture that now surrounded the Champ de Mars at the centre of Paris. The last time he had been here, he hadn’t had such a good time, but he had met some of his most trusted acquaintances here for the first time. So seeing the city he spoke of begin to be ruined by the giant rocks ripping through the sky almost made her want to cry. Regardless, she was stuck here until this point of crisis in time came to an end; an end signifying the start to another crisis. From beneath the shade of the trees she could hear the band playing their prelude to chaos, the song almost ironic amongst the confusion of the rest of the Parisian population. Far up in the sky she could make out the glowing golden figure of the man who was creating this chaos.

Within moments, she saw the infamous Syndicate, Atlantean Royal Family and the Atlantean Unification Project touch down amidst the chaos. They had all come to save the day, making Eris relax at the thought that this would be all over soon, yet tense at the fact that she would soon be teleported away to another point in time, perhaps something more frightening. However many of the factioned Atlanteans began fighting with one another, and she just wanted to scream out to them, stop them from their petty squabbles and direct them to the real problem standing far above them. But she wasn’t meant to interfere, last time she had made that mistake a ship had sunken in the ocean, killing many people on board.

Looking around, she couldn’t see any indication that her friend, the Librarian, had decided to join the fray, feeling ever so slightly dejected. Any crisis she had teleported into so far, he had always been there to offer her a moment of solace before she was whisked away by the burden she carried. She continued to hide beneath the shade of the tree, out of sight and out of mind until it was her time to go. From her hiding spot, she watched the differing battles going on, watching the fight between the girl with the massive metal arm and what seemed like her comrade with the ice powers. Even the crystal girl displayed amazing feats of strength against the concrete dude; how she wished she had such an offensive power. But time continued to drag down, and she became more and more anxious for the end to come, not knowing if she was dreading more the coming of the next crisis, or the continued destruction of the city.

One of the Atlantean Royal Family members, a burly guy in his twenties suddenly shot up into the air, heading straight towards the man summoning the meteorites, only to be struck on his side my a meteorite that almost looked as if it had changed course to take him out. No matter how high he tried to soar up, he couldn’t get more than halfway up the structure before meteorites cut him off, whether they struck him or simply pushed him off course, he was slowing losing the battle and she gasped as he was pummelled once more by a meteorite, slamming into the ground next to it. This needed to finish soon before more people were hurt, but it seemed like no one could get anywhere near the top of the tower to take him out.

Eris teleported herself up to one of the observation decks, only a few meters down from where the guy stood. She couldn’t believe what she saw, the man wasn’t just glowing with light; he was glowing gold. His eyes continued to stare at the heavens, not blinking and completely golden while his skin practically radiated an etheric golden glow. More shocking, his tattoo was glowing gold as well, obscuring nearly both his arms as he held them out wide. It had grown immensely since she had sneaked a peak earlier in the day, almost as if it were some sort of black, parasitic skin disease. He had gone completely God Mode, and she cursed herself for not realising that no one below, at least at this point in time, would be able to deal with him in this state. All except the Librarian, but she had failed to see him arrive, and thought that he probably had no intent of showing.

“You’re coming with me,” she whispered in his ear, although she knew well enough that he was too far gone to hear her voice now.

It would still be a little while before the last of the meteorites would streak over the skies of France, but her actions now would save a lot more. As much as she knew she couldn’t interfere, Eris had come to the realisation that, at this point in time, it was her actions that would stop this man from further destruction and also bring on the next leg of her journey. The idea of the paradox made her smile as a single teardrop fell from her face before she took the man with her to another point in time.
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