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((OOC: okay I started writing this post before Ichiro posted his xD So I'll have to tweak it... Instead of Agnes taking on the meteor man, she'll just see what happens with Eris, I guess?))

Agnes Johansson - Paris, France

8th November, 2012
The air was singed. The blazing meteors teared through the sky and hurt the air with their heat. That was the feeling Agnes god as she soared over the last streets up to the Eiffel Tower, just above the roofs.

Atticus and Frederick had continued to move on the ground and she volunteered to fly ahead and scout. To try and see what was really going on near the base of the tower, as they had seen flashes of light and strange sounds from their roof earlier. The dark skinned, blue eyed girl had the frizzy hair waving behind her in the warm wind, free from the usual confines of a thick braid and instead flowing behind her like the mane of a shadowy lion.

She dove down when she reached the Eiffel Tower. Commotion took place beneath and around it, but not from people fleeing. There were Atlanteans!

Agnes saw one guy seemingly shooting bright light into the face of an opponent, while a third was standing behind the first spraying arrows at the oncoming opponent.

A girl with metal on her arms was battling another girl with a guitar in her grip as if the instrument meant her life.

Another group of Atlanteans were battling each other in a manner that told Agnes that they had little but relentless hate for one another.

And there was...

"Delta!!" Agnes froze in the sky, losing some altitude from the shock of the scene beneath her. The grim girl hadn't heard her. Before Agnes could fly down or do anything more, she saw Delta's crystallized fist slam down onto a man who stood trapped in the ice of a fountain that was somehow frozen over.

The man shattered. Shattered. His head tumbled down onto the ground with a gurgling noise before... Nothing. Agnes ears were ringing. She didn't see the meteors falling around her, nor the many Atlanteans who were fighting below her. She didn't take notice of the guy standing beside Delta, talking to her as she got up from her ill deed. Her eyes were fixed at the head on the icy floor, and it became smaller and smaller...

Without her noticing, Agnes' ability had made her fly higher and higher, taking her away from the dreadful scene as she lost control. Delta just killed a man in front of her. Delta would kill. Agnes knew she was different from her, and she knew that she held a real pistol in her own hand, but she didn't want to kill anyone. She had never even thought about killing anyone. She...

A meteor almost grazed her in the air, the hot air whirling her around and sending her into a spin. It made her let out a quick scream as she tumbled towards the structure of the great tower. Before she made contact, she regained control though. She looked up. Clouds of hot smoke had begun to form around the top of the tower. She wondered if the sun was shining above. Someone had said that above the clouds, the sky is always bright.

Oh, yeah. It was her father. One of his many sayings.

A rebellious feeling came to her and started to grow. She wanted to fly up there. Never before had her powers managed to carry her that high... She hadn't even tried, actually. Rooftops was as high up as she had dared to go, but she was already higher up than that. And stable. She was stable. How could she be stable? She had just witnessed something... Ugh.

She shook her head to get rid of the mental image of the rolling head. And then she raised her fist up - like Superman! - and took off.

The metal of the Eiffel Tower raced by her as she got closer and closer to the clouds above. If she could only see the clear sky, then maybe she would feel better. Agnes often did irrational things, sometimes brave and sometimes just foolish. She wasn't the one to sit still and calm down if she could take action.

As she reached the highest observation deck, around the top of the tower, she saw something gleam in the corner of her eye. She turned her head around.

It was a man. And yet, it wasn't really. His whole body was glowing with a golden light and he was intently staring upwards, holding out his hand. Another meteor came roaring down on the other side of the tower just then, about to strike some more distant part of the city. Agnes gasped. It was him. He was doing this!

The realization made her lose control of her flying again; instead of slowly coming to a halt, she tried to change course at the speed she was at. But she didn't have the strength to turn that quickly. Instead, she began tumbling again, losing height. She reached out with her hands in an effort to stabilize herself and they suddenly slammed into warm metal. Even though the impact had hurt, she grabbed whatever she could grab as hard as she could.

She was hanging from the fence of the observation deck. Quickly, she took a few deep breaths, feeling her arms and hands grow sore. No time to panic, no time to panic! With a push of her air powers, she jumped over the fence and found herself sitting on safe floor again. After a moment, she looked up. Where was the golden man? The meteor Atlantean.

She stood up and tried to breathe as quietly as she could as she started walking around the deck. Not that it really mattered, because the sounds and shrieks and flames from the city below and the space rocks around them covered any breathing or footsteps.

There he was, sitting on the very fence of the observation deck, balancing somehow without trouble. He had some kind of black figure on his body, dark and sharp. His tattoo? He looked absolutely catastrophic. Like a demon. A fleeting thought came to Agnes as she stood there just watching him for a moment, unsure of what she could really do against someone this powerful.

"Atlanteans will be the ruin of Earth."

Something had to be done. Maybe she could do what she had done with Freddie, just pick him up and fly him away to somewhere, dump him into the ocean, ANYWHERE but near a big city. But would that help? Wouldn't he come back somehow? Would his glowing body hurt her? Would she...

Just then, another girl appeared beside the meteor man. She looked... Oddly out of place somehow. Where had she come from? Agnes unknowingly held her breath as the girl walked close to the demon, as if she was saying something to him. And then, they were gone.

The bright light that the demon man had emanated disappeared. Meteors were still falling from the sky, but perhaps they would stop soon. Paris was still burning, but the source of the terror was gone. And Agnes Johansson stood atop the Eiffel Tower and felt more confused than she had ever done before in her life. Was it over?
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