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    I generally watch all those short animes with 12-25 episodes, you know the usual ones. I have never really watched any long-running anime as I feel that why bother watching it when there's like 333 episodes already, it would take weeks to at least catch up. The only thing that can make me stand long running anime is that I watched it from like all the way from the beginning and I feel sort of attached to it already. The longest anime I have ever watched is D-Gray Man, with 103 episodes, or maybe Yu-Gi-Oh, or Pokemon.but those are what we call cartoons right?

    Anyway, I feel that 12-13 episodes animes are too short while 25 episodes ones are too draggy. However, for some reason, animes with more episode generally make me have more attention span and makes me want to watch the next episode. (I am looking at you, DGM and SKET Dance!)

    Maybe that's why the animes can get so long anyway....
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