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    I see tattoos as a "body decoration", people are free to have one (or some lol) but I don't really endorse them because you'll probably get one when you're young & regret it later because it may not be welcomed at work/school, also drunk tattoos (mainly butt tattoos lol) are a dilemma too

    As much as I would love a permanent tattoo I would prefer a tattoo that is temporary but lasts for a long while, I once got one but it got washed away so fast since I clean my hands a lot... My first was a red/blue starfish & I got it on my wrist & everyone who saw thought it was a cross & said "WHAT"S THIS?" it was kinda shocking since I'm a Muslim & my name is Muslim-ish also so people get surprised until I tell them it's a freakin' five pointed starfish & hold my wrist against their face so they can see
    I would love to get that tattoo again but this time I should use a longer-lasting temporary tattoo ink...
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