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Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
Thanks! Glad you like it

Are you saying have the small islands have a little tile of "beach" to land on instead of landing directly on the steps?
Actually, I tried to say the "stairs tile" might look better if it was located on the ground in the upper part of the map (on the right side of that house) instead of how it's now part of the mountain block.

Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
Thanks, glad you like it! I thought about making Kris the female player, but I decided to go with a new girl player instead (I made a new front sprite to go with the backsprite I was already using for the "disguised as a girl" event I was originally going to add. I can't remember if I've posted her here or not though, I know I have on Facebook. I'll go ahead and attach a screen anyway though showing her actual sprite since I've already shown some with her overworld.

The default names might still change though.
I liked the discussion scene you know. That should have stayed.

Oh well, being able to pick girl is pretty nice too. By the way, would it be too random if you still had to disguise yourself to the opposite gender? Erika might be interesting in only battling male opponents if you were playing as girl or something. I think that'd be cool.

Anyway, a good-looking girl sprite you've got there too.
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