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Originally Posted by nimbo View Post
I take forever D:
Especially if I have to shave, I could be in there for 30+ min. My dad gets so mad at me, lol.
My dad does, too lol Thus the reason for this topic XD

I was in there for 30min the other day doin' stuff (I forgot to do my stuff in order, so it took longer z.z was waaayyyy too sleepy teehee) and he was like, "The city just called. They wanted to know why the city's water reserve was drained; I told them they should talk to you."

And, of course, the classic, "Leave some for the fishies!"

I finally told him about this topic on Friday and told him some results. He thinks people are nuts. He then asked his own father what he thought, and now he declares a new poll and that for people living in reality, the max time should be <10min.

so for the rest of us in lala-land, we have been estranged.
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