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    Originally Posted by milkymew View Post
    ok that makes sense, also i think the map got corrupted or something, you get covered by the dirt in route 103, there's flowers instead of normal grass, and i saw some npcs clip through the tree tiles, among other things

    edit:ok, the game is now practically unplayable for me becasue of the glitched up map, and i think you randomized the random encounters becasue I SWEAR i encountered a lv. 8 totodile on route 103. also, you can't fight wild pokemon in route 101, i tried, nothing comes out.
    I never even opened route 103 in A-Map, never mind edited it. I am playing the copy I made the patch from right now and it works just fine on both of those routes. Are you sure you patched it right?

    Feel free to open up my ROM in PGE and compare pokemon stats to a clean Ruby (AXVE) copy. They are exactly the same with the exception of #9 which is your starter Derpizard. I did no randomizing whatsoever. I know what I did do and didn't do.

    My fair opinion is that you patched an unclean rom, used the wrong patch with the wrong program, or are using a non-E version of Ruby.

    Also, someone has already played the game the whole way through. He knew exactly what pokemon he was using based upon their index numbers and abilities when caught and the only bug he reported was a bad palette when you get to the Groudon Awakening. He also didn't report and randomization.

    Also, I just checked route 103 and there aren't any totodiles.

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