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    FireRed Update #4 (FINAL)

    -Went to the Pewter City and went to a tutor that I didn’t know existed until today and taught Movember Seismic Toss
    -Cleared Victory Road and it was finally time for the E4 : D : D

    -Lorelei turned out fine, Lifebloom came out of it at low health and Movember was asleep. Opted not to use any items afterwards, however
    -Bruno was easy, didn’t take a single hit. Movember’s still asleep. Still didn’t use anything afterwards
    -Agatha was stresssssful. Only Lifebloom died, but Articuno was close the entire time. Got a crit on Fly on the last Gengar, which was awesome. Used one Revive on Lifebloom and one Super Potion on Articuno before Lance.
    -Lance went fine. Lifebloom died on Gyarados, but Articuno swept everyone else. Picking him up was the best decision I’ve ever made. Used an Awakening on Movember, a Revive on Lifebloom, and a Hyper Potion on Movember before Muggs
    -Muggs went fine! Only Movember died! How the hell did I do that?!? That was the most stressful E4 i’ve ever done!
    -Flew to Viridian and sold everything!

    -I feel realllly good about my run. Other than a couple of hidden items I got frustrated trying to find and gave up, I’m pretty sure I got at least like 90% of the items in the game. I also beat all, if not damn near all of the trainers there are to beat. And no blackouts!

    EDIT: Turns out I forgot to do the Power Plant. That's $10,100 I missed out on :(. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now

    Hall of Fame:

    Money Before Selling:

    Final Score:

    Final Inventory:

    Potion (7)
    Antidote (3)
    Parlyz Heal (2)
    Star Piece (1)
    Rare Candy (12)
    Escape Rope (7)
    Ether (6)
    Moon Stone (5)
    Revive (2)
    Nugget (6)
    Elixir (4)
    Max Ether (5)
    Stick (1)
    Super Potion (2)
    Hyper Potion (3)
    Stardust (1)
    X Attack (1)
    Awakening (1)
    X Defend (1)
    Burn Heal (1)
    Repel (1)
    Pearl (2)
    PP Up (5)
    X Speed (1)
    BlackGlasses (1)
    Calcium (4)
    Big Mushroom (1)
    Cleanse Tag (1)
    X Accuracy (1)
    Protein (4)
    Full Heal (3)
    Max Revive (5)
    Iron (4)
    Hp Up (3)
    X Special (1)
    Carbos (4)
    Zinc (5)
    Max Potion (4)
    Full Restore (5)
    Quick Claw (1)
    Leaf Stone (1)
    Ice Heal (1)
    Max Elixer (2)
    Max Repel (2)
    Dire Hit (1)
    Water Stone (2)
    Big Pearl (1)
    Fire Stone (2)
    Cleanse Tag (1)
    Guard Spec (1)

    Poke Balls:
    Poke Ball (5)
    Great Ball (3)
    Net Ball (1)
    Nest Ball (1)
    Ultra Ball (6)

    Cheri Berry (2)
    Chesto Berry (3)
    Pecha Berry (3)
    Rawst Berry (2)
    Aspear Berry (1)
    Leppa Berry (2)
    Oran Berry (2)
    Persim Berry (1)
    Lum Berry (1)
    Sitrus Berry (2)
    Iapapa Berry (1)
    Razz Berry (2)
    Bluk Berry (1)
    Nanab Berry (1)
    Wepear Berry (1)
    Pinap Berry (1)

    01 Focus Punch
    02 Dragon Claw
    03 Water Pulse
    04 Calm Mind
    05 Roar
    06 Toxic
    07 Hail
    08 Bulk Up
    09 Bullet Seed
    11 Sunny Day
    12 Taunt
    14 Blizzard
    18 Rain Dance
    19 Giga Drain
    21 Frustration
    22 Solarbeam
    26 Earthquake
    27 Return
    28 Dig
    29 Psychic
    31 Brick Break
    32 Double Team
    34 Shock Wave
    37 Sandstorm
    38 Fire Blast
    39 Rock Tomb
    40 Aerial Ace
    41 Tormet
    43 Secret Power
    44 Rest
    45 Attract
    46 Theif
    47 Steel Wing
    48 Skill Swap
    49 Snatch
    50 Overheat

    Items Used:
    Poke Ball (2)
    Revive (3)
    Super Potion (1)
    Hyper Potions (1)
    Awakening (1)

    Total Lost Profit on Used Items: $3,675


    Lifebloom the Venusaur ♂, Lv. 64
    Ability: Overgrow
    -Leech Seed
    -Razor Leaf

    Movember the Alakazam ♀, Lv. 60 @ Cleanse Tag
    Ability: Inner Focus
    -Seismic Toss

    Articuno, Lv. 64 @ Quick Claw
    Ability: Pressure
    -Ice Beam
    -Mind Reader

    HM Slaves:
    CH'DING the Farfetch's: Cut
    Lapras: Surf, Rock Smash
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