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    Nuzlocke - The First Day

    I started my adventure, as Cindee the Pokemon trainer. I chose Oshawott as my starter and coined him G-Dragon after the famous K-pop star. That's where everything went downhill. The first pokemon I encounter was a Patrat, whose name is now, Batrat. The next couple first Pokemon encounters WERE ALL PATRATS. I barely made it past the first gym (Work Up almost decimated my Batrat). My faithful duo travelled with me further, looking for a new non-patrat companion. I ran into a Sunkern past route 20. I caught him, but sadly his first battle ended in his death as his meager stats and my poor trainers insight led to a swift death. I ended the night with catching a Magnemite I named Sol in the Virbank Complex. Hopefully the following days will be better for my team. Sol is shaping up to be a great tank while G-Dragon's nature will help him out immensely as he levels up. Not quite sure how Batrat will fit in with my future team, but has been a loyal damage dealer since I've caught him despite his nature. Hopefully he'll grow on me, but I'm dying for a more exotic (female, perhaps?) Pokemon. Sunkist will not have died in vain! Roxie, here we come!

    Cindee's Spectacular Pokemon Team
    G-Dragon, the Brave Oshawott ♂

    Level 16
    Water Gun, Tackle, Water Sport, Tail Whip

    Batrat, the Docile (yuck) Patrat ♂

    Level 14
    Bite, Tackle, Detect, Sand Attack

    Sol, the Bold Magnemite

    Level 13
    Thundershock, Tackle, Supersonic, Sonicboom

    Sunkist, the Bold Sunkern ♂

    Level 9

    Absorb, Growth, Ingrain, Grass Whistle