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In this server, there is another Mid moment. Please note that some part of the chat are omitted, because it might be too long.

Dashhh joined
[14:46:03] WindyStar: Reminds me of Mid at some point.
[14:46:05] @Aslan: wb
[14:46:22] @meteorstar: dash
[14:46:23] Classic Sonic: Hi whoever you are
[14:46:34] Classic Sonic: not sure if fritz or mid
[14:46:36] Classic Sonic: e_e
[14:46:46] Dashhh: ..
[14:46:53] Dashhh: srsly?
[14:46:57] Classic Sonic: you two have similar names in my eyes
[14:46:58] Classic Sonic: u_u
[14:47:02] @Aslan: obviously mid
[14:47:03] @Aslan: ;DD
[14:47:05] WindyStar: Mid: Rainbow Dasshh or something like that.
[14:47:06] Dashhh: :D
[14:47:08] @meteorstar: yeah her bf
[14:47:10] Dashhh: at least sophie knows
[14:47:11] Dashhh: ..
[14:47:12] Classic Sonic: >:|
[14:47:13] Dashhh: no derk
[14:47:13] @meteorstar: oop
[14:47:19] Classic Sonic: Does it look like I really know you?
[14:47:21] Classic Sonic: :(
[14:47:21] Dashhh: oh yes
[14:47:23] Dashhh: mid x sophie
[14:48:08] Dashhh: anyways I just came back to talk about the server hack
[14:48:09] Dashhh: o,o
[14:48:20] Dashhh: anyone have ideas??
[14:48:25] Dashhh: or what location can we base the hack on?
[14:48:32] Dashhh: anyone be free to share ideas
[14:49:06] classyArachnid: MID
[14:49:16] Dashhh: guys!!
[14:49:20] classyArachnid: yes mid

some moments later...

[14:56:13] Dаikenki: Hello Dashhh
[14:56:20] Dаikenki: I am the Oshawott named Hikari
[14:56:20] Dashhh: hi Dаikenki
[14:56:28] NewHeart: Hi Hikari.
[14:56:29] Dashhh: i am new to this server
[14:56:29] @Aslan: it's supposed to be bad
[14:56:29] classyArachnid: its mid hika
[14:56:33] Dashhh: i just came a minute ago
[14:56:37] Classic Sonic: nah
[14:56:37] Dаikenki: What?
[14:56:43] Dаikenki: You blew his cover!
[14:56:49] classyArachnid: no i did not
[14:56:57] classyArachnid: errybody knew xD
[14:56:59] NewHeart: lol
[14:57:00] Dаikenki: I wonder if Mid still lurks PC as a guest
[14:57:23] Dаikenki: I do hope he hasn't left for good and that he will come back eventually
[14:57:26] Dаikenki: His friends miss him
[14:57:29] NewHeart: I hope so too.
[14:57:40] classyArachnid: uhhh mid is still here you know xD
[14:57:41] Dаikenki: He could be taking a year off or something
[14:57:45] NewHeart: I hope Mid is alright, that he'll be back when he is ready.
[14:57:50] Dаikenki: He's been gone from PC since March
[14:57:56] Classic Sonic: Not too long :\
[14:57:59] Dаikenki: No, wait April
[14:58:07] NewHeart: Yes, on April 1st I think?
[14:58:10] Classic Sonic: ...

and then...

[15:03:50] Dаikenki: Mid, please return sometime
[15:03:55] Dаikenki: Like how Nica wants Ole to return
[15:04:11] StarryWindy: "I want Vrai" (I hope Nica is ok that I quote this.)
[15:04:17] classyArachnid: my lovely pair and my destiny pls come back mid!
[15:04:19] Dаikenki: Without Mid, PC has been less fun
[15:04:34] classyArachnid: "I WANT MY JAKEY"
[15:04:36] Dаikenki: And I found myself having to find new friends to fill the void

This chat is part of our wishes (me, Hikari, and others in this server) that we want Mid to return to PC.