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Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
No way! Barry has probably been the easiest of rivals. The onyl challenge with him though, would be his Snorlax. It was a bulky pain in the butt especially for my team which didn't comprise of any fighting types or useful fighting moves. The most effective move against it would have been my Torterra's earthquake. Other than that though, Barry was a breeze. I would have much preferred if he proved to be more of a challenge but oh well!
Basically what Nathan said there. Barry isn't really that strong but he does have pretty wide type coverage as far as his team goes. The Snorlax is a bit of a pain though if you lack a strong Fighting-type, but since Infernape was my starter most of the time I was able to beat it easily. I would have loved it better if he proved to be a challenge, but in Platinum he once did have the highest-level Pokemon of any Trainer outside of Battle Frontier stuff, only until Red's Pikachu got level-buffed in HG/SS. Barry was a pushover for me since I usually packed types that could wipe his team easily.
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