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I'm guessing watching England is the reason you don't like international football xD
The always either build you up to disappoint you (in tournaments) or just disappoint you (friendlies except those against Brazil, qualifiers etc.).
Apparently one of Nigeria's goals involved use of a hand? As USASoccerGuy on Twitter said "Celebrating a hand felonied goalshot vs Tahiti Soccer Club is like kicking a kid in the face and boasting you won a fight. #realbad". Gotta love the rowing celebration too.
Also, you heard it here first: Tahiti to beat Spain. No seriously. Spain absolutely dominated Uruguay yet only scored 2, were nearly overrun in the last 10 minutes. If Spain do the English thing and misunderestimate (oh wait, that's GWBush :P) them, Tahiti could have their day. I really want to go gamble - odds for that must be like 40000/1.
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