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Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
I don't have a best friend anymore, just friends, they're all equal, even if we interact with each other in different ways.
This pretty much sums up me. I used to have a best friend, but we went through a rough path in our friendship and it gone to the point where he felt I was "hovering" him too much and that's when I realized we weren't as close as we used to be. I gave him space and avoided him mostly and we've made up ever since. While we haven't seen or talked each other in a while , we seem to be better on speaking terms now. So because of this I've decided not to have a best friend but a bunch of really good friends.

Well anyway, that guy was my best friend until at least we entered high school. We met in grade school I believe on the first day of kindergarten. Either way we met in Kindergarten. The way I remember it, we were introducing ourselves and he introduced me to him and I guess we clicked from there. We would go to each other's house almost everyday and play Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers and other games. I guess we had so much in common, like both of us being big fans of Pokemon (and we're both still are it seems) that made us such good friends. What's good was that we lived just down the street from each other (still true today, though I think we lives in a college dorm now.) so that's how we hung out so much.
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