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Couldn't hamachi only handle a limited amount of people? 10-30 iirc? That'd be a terrible bump for making this possible.

but anyway, me and my friends (who are from Asia, Germany, Mexico, and Finland) were trying to connect into a game once... and although the others appeared on the list, we didn't meet each other in-game.

To solve that problem, you will have to make someone else host another VPN...

I recall latency/lag issues being a big hindrance too. While trading is easily possible (not much data transfer going on), battles probably would be messed up. I remember having pokemon battle experiences (and take note, this was even using a GBAs and a real link cable), i supposedly killed a friend's snorlax with a crit, but in his side, the "crit" didn't register.... and it appeared to him as if he only took a normal attack. Now in my game, his snorlax has fainted, and on his game, my pokemon were fainted. >_< couldn't imagine how worse it would be over the internet with someone terribly lagging on one side.

Although for the battling part, there's always Pokemon Online. Probably setup a PO thread for this community, so we could battle each other from time to time. Even setup tournaments of our own.