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Hey there angelomanalo and danks_, you've come to the most algebraic club here on PC!

Anyways, it's episode discussion time!

Another Five More Short Graybles aired last night.. do y'all have thoughts?

Here's mine:

Okay, so this episode was a tad different than the other two grayble episodes.. like the other two grayble episodes, they were each connected to one another, however the difference this time was that Cuber didn't reveal the theme of the graybles at the end of the episode, but it's obviously connected to parenting (as the theme). I will say though, I liked how Cuber acts as of it's a little children's show and talks to the audience like we're there with him. He presumed that it was time for more graybles, but also thought the audience was disinterested he proceeded to play the graybles anyways, and at the end, he paused the last grayble in attempt to reveal the theme, but assumed the audience was upset that he didn't show the end, but in the end the end was shown and the episode was over.

Btw, Ice King used the word "algebraic" in his grayble.
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