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Percival and Roland Grey- Castle Dungeon,Eldur, Raelus

"How dare he?" Roland was heard saying from within the darkness of his own cell. He paced back and forth, livid from the actions of the Burning King. He kicked over the one stool that occupied his small cell, and continued pacing. "Imbecile! Ignoramus!" Roland cursed, as he continued to fume. "I hope the Nine plagues him with misfortune for as long as he shall live! Never have I had to endure this sort of poor treatment in my life! I swear to all the Nine hold holy that should I escape from here, I shall slit his throat!"

"I am sure he has his reasons," Percival said, sitting on his uncomfortable bed in the adjacent cell. "So I would hold your tongue and quit the dramatics. Unless you want him to have a reason to keep us locked up in here even longer." Percival leaned against the wall and tried to come up with a logical explanation for the actions of King Calason, only to remember something that would possibly lighten the mood. Or at least piss off Roland. "That and I highly doubt the Nine will plague him. They don't practice religion in Raelus. Remember?"

After holding a glare at his brother for a few moments, Roland finally gave up and sat down on his hard bed. He let out a deep sigh. "I should like to think the Nine's will would reach even the unholiest of places, when we need them most..." He thought on this for a moment, sitting in silence and staring at the dirty floor of his cell. He spoke up again. "I just do not understand why. We have Raelussians with us, and that fool of a King still locks us up. We are not peddlars off the streets. We are Knights! And surely he would have heard of our exploits in Shinguo."

"Maybe Shinguo is the problem. It seems Yoshuro was misleading. Or at least put too much faith in his relationship with the King. And for that, King Calason doesn't trust us. Perhaps the man is just paranoid," Percival said, matter of factly. It wouldn't be too far from the truth, at least Percival believed so. After all, Raelus appeared to be on constant watch, much like most of Bludrock. Roland's behavior was a bit jarring considering that. He should be used to such treatment.

"Perhaps. Or his walls not only keep the hordes out, but perhaps they also keep the insanity inside." Roland crossed his arms and looked up at the ceiling of the cell, which had not much of a different from the ground below. "It is times like these that I would wish that all the people of Aerion embraced one simple culture, the Ethorian way. Cultural diversity can be so...troublesome sometimes."

"That is what we call ignorance, brother. Attitudes like that are what get us in situations like this. You will do well to realize that," Percival found himself disliking his brother more and more as this conversation went on, wanting nothing more than something to intervene and end the conversation.

The opening and close of a steel door signified the answer to Percival's prayer. Two guards, fully encased in black chainmail with the sigil of Raelus on their chest, approached the cells of Auden and Tamor. "You have been summoned by the great King Calason. You will be escorted by us." With their orders announced, they opened the doors, locked the two in chains (for reasons unknown) and shuffled out of the dungeon in a matter of minutes.

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