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    Chapter 0: The Prologue
    Chapter 1: The Boy With No Memory
    Chapter 2: A Fateful Meeting
    Chapter 3: Meeting The Professor
    Chapter 4: Kenta, The Lone Wolf

    Chapter 0:

    The Prologue

    Somewhere deep in another dimension of endless shades of black and white, a battle was taking place. This wasn't any ordinary Pokemon battle, in which the only risk was defeat at the hands of your opponent.

    No, this battle was quite possibly risking the destruction of an entire universe. This titanic conflict involved the governors of Space, Time, and Distortion:

    Dialga, the governor of Time and Flow
    Palkia, the governor of Space and Creation
    Giratina, the governor of Distortion and Reversal

    Floating there was a creature that possessed six long streamers across his back that stretched outwards. Giratina, whose mouth was hidden by dark head plates, reared his head back. A tremendous amount of black spiraling energy twirled around the front of his lips. This immense force was pitch black and took the form of a gigantic sphere.

    Giratina fired this terrifying force towards his two brethren who hovered in the same environment.

    Palkia, the creature that was enveloped in light pink essence in the form of lines, attempted to match Giratina's ferocious onslaught. He brought his trembling arms towards each other and began to gather a great amount of spiraling light energy that twirled around his arms.

    The color of this energy shifted from pure white to a translucent light pink color.

    With all of his might Palkia brought his hands behind his head, and launched his sphere of energy towards Giratina's.

    It only took an instant for the two energies to collide, but when they did the shockwave that was created from the impact was beyond staggering. Huge quantities of wind gushed from the clash.The dimension itself was being ripped apart by the frequent disruptions. The two bundles of energy engaged one another endlessly, until Giratina's black sphere was able to overpower Palkia's positive counterpart.

    Diagla, the sauropod deity that glowed in a blue essence, realized the outcome of this futile struggle and flickered in front of Palkia in an instant.

    Suddenly, the colour of his deep and sharp eyes had changed, and instead of his threatening red pupils, blue ones took their place. Reluctant as he was, Dialga knew that Giratina's attack was not to be taken lightly, and gathered up as much energy as he could. Inhaling heavily, Dialga produced a roar that could shake even the heavens to their core.

    The pitch black sphere that had previously overtaken Palkia's attack slowly shifted further and further back until it could no longer bear the magnitude of his roar. The force of the explosion blew the three deities back a few feet as they hovered in the endless space of the universe. As the smoke settled, the two deities glared at their traitorous brother, while Giratina pulled off a smirk of superiority over the two.

    Palkia and Dialga had to admit, Giratina's strength surpassed both of them individually. If wasn't for the fact that Palkia's sphere was able to weaken Giratina's sphere, Dialga's roar might not have been enough to stop it. Realizing team work would be the only solution, Palkia and Diagla glanced at one another, trying to devise a strategy.

    It was no surprise that the two of them were not the best of terms. Constantly, the two engaged each other for leadership over different dimensions. In fact, before Giratina established itself as the ruler of this dimension, the two couldn't stand each other. However, even though they weren't the best of buddies, they had come to respect each other's strength and instinctively knew how reliable the other was.

    With no other choice, the two nodded their heads in sync, to signify that a truce had been made, albeit only temporary. Turning their heads back to normal, the two focused their attention on the single threat that stood before them, glaring the two of them down with his clouded eyes, intent on finishing them off.

    Swiftly, Giratina dived his head under his body and blitzed towards his two former friends, ready to take them both down. Attempting to intercept the approaching threat, Palkia reared his stretched head backwards. A substantial amount of small particles arose from Palkia's gaping mouth, steadily increasing in size with every second. Confident that this energy would be enough, Palkia brought his head forward and unleashed that same amount energy at the incoming Giratina.

    Girtatina pulled off a spine-chilling smile, unimpressed with the magnitude of Palkia's assault.

    Effortlessly, he shifted his body to the side, avoiding the attack completely and continued on his path towards the two.

    However, Giratina assessed Palkia's facial expression, and instead of him showing signs of being dazed and astonished, a slight smile was plastered on his face. Irritated, Giratina tried to comprehend why his brother was grinning towards him.

    It just didn't make any sense. Palkia must have known that he was no match for Giratina, so what reason could he possibly have to smile?


    A swift realization had just overtaken Giratina's senses. Where was his other brother? Giratina frantically inspected his surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse of his vanished brethren.


    A series of disturbing noises had erupted from behind Giratina's head.

    Alarmed, he rotated his head backwards to find the origin of these sounds and to his utter disbelief, there he was. The sauropod pokemon that had vanished was now hovering a good distance behind the shadow Pokemon. If that wasn't surprising enough, in his mouth was an enormous quantity of spiraling energy that was similar to Palkia's and Giratina's spheres.

    How? Where did Dialga find the time to not only sneak up behind Giratina, but also gather such an amount of energy.


    How could Giratina not have realized it. Dialga was time. If there was any being in existence that could manipulate time in their favour, Dialga was your pick.

    This was strange however. With Dialga's time distortion, he could have been able to land several different hits on the shadow pokemon, but he didn't.

    Giratina had landed itself in a bad position, with Dialga on one side and Palkia on the other. However, even though he was cornered, Giratina was certainly not outmatched. He decided to wait it out, planning on making his move when they left themselves vulnerable.

    Dialga, who still poured as much energy as he possibly could into his forthcoming attack, pondered for a moment. If this attack did succeed, and they were able to silence Giratina once and for all, what would they gain? The only thing that would result from this struggle would be the death of their misguided brother.

    Palkia, who on the the other side of the stationary deity, resolved itself to do what was needed to be done. Bringing his hands together, he once again focused all of his strength into shaping an immense sphere. However, this time the concentration was much more powerful, and Palkia could feel his arms burning at the sheer magnitude of how devastating the force was.

    Palkia wasn't playing around. Giratina had made his choice and it was time to own up to it.

    Palkia knew that out of the three of them Dialga was the most defensive one, in battle and also in characteristics. He wasn't completely sure, but he assumed that Dialga was most likely hesitating to use his full strength on Giratina.

    Trying to reaffirm his brother's reluctance, Palkia screeched out violently towards his less enthusiastic sibling.

    Dialga's conflicted eyes widened considerably as he heard his brother's shriek. He could tell immediately from the tone of the scream, that Palkia was telling him to stop holding back. Still not convinced, Dialga screamed back at his firm brother, asking how he could kill Giratina without a second thought. Dialga just couldn't do it, Giratina was family and using such force on your own family was something that Dialga loathed.

    Sure, the three of them had gotten into several arguments with one another but it had never come down to battle of this magnitude before. Dialga could see in Giratina's eyes how determined he was on destroying the two of them.

    But why? Why had Giratina become like this? Why did it have to come down to such a meaningless battle? Dialga was so conflicted on what to do until he heard Giratina let out an eerie laugh. Both of the deities turned their attentions towards their brethren, laughing to himself.

    Suddenly, Giratina faced Dialga's direction, beaming him with his murderous eyes.

    The two siblings locked eyes with each other, neither making a single movement. Dialga couldn't believe that this was the same brother he had known for millennium's. He had changed so much, compared to how he was before this whole pointless conflict started.

    Unexpectedly, Giratina made a dash for Dialga, while the sauropod Pokemon was still gathering the energy for his next attack.

    Dialga couldn't believe that Giratina was aware of his weakness. Dialga had one major drawback towards his ability to control time, and that was his incapability to move or alter time whenever he gathered his inner force.

    Palkia, knowing his brother was in danger, stopped gathering his compressed force and flew as fast as he could towards the two. He had to stop Giratina before it was too late, regardless of his brother's feelings. As the shadow creature steadily approached the still charging Pokemon, Dialga froze. He couldn't find the strength to get out of the way, or launch his collected energy. He just floated there, watching his brother approach him.

    Palkia tried as hard as he could, using every last bit of his strength to reach his brethren that was in trouble. He was too soft for his own good, and this is what was going to lead to some severe problems. Closing the distance between the two of them, Palkia reached his hand out to grab onto Giratina's tail to stop him from hurting Diagla. However.....


    A sudden burning sensation overtook Palkia's senses as he had absolutely no idea what he was feeling. Slowly, he lowered his head to find the cause of the sharp pain, and to his astonishment, one of Giratina's horns had been embedded into the centre of his stomach.

    Palkia's eyes began to lose their colour, as the mighty Pokemon slowly drifted into unconsciousness. An unexpected laugh had erupted from the shadow Pokemon, basking in his triumph at defeating his brother.

    All of the energy that Dialga had been gathering up instantly dispersed the moment Giratina had sprung his trap.

    Dialga stared, mouth hanging open, eyes twitching at what he was witnessing. His brother, his sibling, his main rival, was impaled in the stomach. It was all Dialga's fault. If he had used his attack when Palkia had asked him too then this would have never had happened.

    Emotions that Dialga had never once felt before began to surface in the centre of his being, and he couldn't control himself.

    Hatred, Anger, Revenge.

    These emotions clouded over Dialga's better judgement, and in all of his rage and anger he burst himself towards the unforgivable Pokemon.

    Aware that the angered Pokemon was an easy target, Giratina used the weakened Palkia as a distraction. He flung the injured Pokemon from one of his horn's and sent Palkia flying towards the rushing Pokemon.

    Caught off guard, Dialga immediately stopped his charge and caught his barely conscious brother with the side of his body. Unfortunately, everything worked out in Giratina's favour, as he quickly levitated above the two of them. With one last look, Giratina made a rush for the duo, finally having the perfect opportunity to finish both of them off.

    Dialga just gazed at the incoming Pokemon getting closer and closer, eventually waiting for the impact. Staring at him closely, Dialga could no longer recognize Giratina's previous face, where be always had a frown or a small smile. That was long gone and instead a psychotic lunatic smile was permanently attached to his face. It wasn't just the face also, it was Giratina's entire personality. From the way he was acting, it seemed as if Giratina enjoyed causing them harm.

    During Dialga's last moments of existence, he took one last glance over at his defeated brother, and one look at his murderous one.

    All Dialga wanted to know was why his brother was doing all of this? With no will left to live, Dialga closed his eyes, waiting for their inevitable destruction.

    Blinding Light

    An incredibly powerful white light abruptly exploded from above and intercepted the three of them just before the moment of impact. Being accustom to the shadow's, this was complete torture for Giratina. He immediately shut his eyes and reared backwards, putting some distance between them.

    Dialga, who also had his eyes closed slowly opened them to figure out what exactly had happened. Waking up from the sudden disruption, Palkia's eyes opened as well curious to know what exactly was going on.

    The light slowly dispersed, getting thinner in the process. As the three deities fully opened their pupils to get some answers, they were utterly frozen in place as the being descended from the light.

    It was the one entity that they didn't want to encounter ever again, the one being that they feared above anyone else, the one soul that had the power to eradicate them from existence. He was their father the creator of all Pokemon, and the supreme ruler of this universe.


    His beautiful skin tone that was coloured white with gray vertical stripes, illuminated the darkness that covered the dimension. The four jewels that were attached to his golden cross located under his abdomen, sparkled wonderfully as the divine Pokemon descended.

    As the majestic being slowly lowered itself between his astonished children, Giratina took this as his only opportunity to defeat him. He might have been the ruler and the strongest out of all of them but even he had to let his guard down eventually. Similar to his previous attacks against Palkia and Dialga, Giratina used the same technique as before and fired this energy towards his new target.

    The majestic pokemon just floated there, eyes lids closed, as the monstrous ball of energy was aimed at his location.

    Dialga and the weakened Palkia both made loud cries of worry that indicated that they were trying to warn him. Arceus ignored them completely and continued to levitate, not taking Giratina's attack seriously. The attack hit dead on and Arceus was enveloped in huge amounts of smoke that filled a good portion of their universe.

    Giratina, who obviously resented the slumbering Pokemon just as much as the other two, had grinned his signature sinister smile.

    However, to his dismay, Arceus emerged from the aftermath of the attack without so much of a scratch on his godly stature.

    An emotion had begun to overlap Giratina's senses, one he had never been faced with before.


    Arceus continued to hover in silence with his eyes shut, not having a care in the world. He didn't have to do anything to let Giratina get the message of how insignificant he was compared to him.

    Frustrated, Giratina attempted another surprise assault on the godly Pokemon. Swiftly, he charged at the Pokemon with unbelievable speed. In an instant, Giratina closed the gap between the two and was inches away from impaling another victim. Tired of his foolish behaviour, Arceus slowly opened his eyes revealing his clear golden orbs.

    Immediately, Giratina's body was paralysed, completely motionless as he levitated inches away from his father.

    Giratina couldn't even open his mouth or wiggle his available limbs as he was trapped, unable to do a single thing.

    Arceus slowly rotated his head behind and glared at his two other sons. It had been an eternity since he had last seen them so it was nostalgic to look at their faces again. His eyes winced slightly at the sight of his oldest son Palkia, impaled right through his stomach. Who could have done such a barbaric thing?


    Arceus knew. He had instantly realized who the perpetrator was and where he was situated. He had gone too far, and now he was going to repent for his beastly actions.

    Slowly turning his head around, Arceus's clear golden orbs began to change and instead of their usual colour, crimson red ones had surfaced.

    Before Giratina had a chance to move a single muscle, his body was sent plummeting downwards endlessly floating towards nothingness. The sheer amount of Arceus's angry presence was enough to apply such gravity towards the shadow Pokemon.

    Giratina wasn't even able to scream, cry, or even beg for forgiveness. He was frightened not only by his father's intimidating gaze, but also by his destructive might.

    Seeing no reason to torture the shadow Pokemon any longer, Arceus's eyes sparkled. In an instant, Giratina's paralysed body stopped in mid air and launched itself back towards his previous position. As he made his way there, Giratina's could feel a strange sensation coming from his insides. A metamorphosis was taking place on the inside of his body. Giratina's tail and body began to rapidly tear themselves apart from the inside and his head shape began to change as well. What exactly was going?

    Palkia and Dialga were completely in awe, speechless as to what they were witnessing. Giratina's entire body structure was transforming! Just what exactly did father do to him?

    Returning to where they were, Giratina had changed entirely, and it was as if they were looking at an entirely new creature. Giratina was transformed into a former shell of his previous form, with six short gray legs and two small black wings.

    This was a disgrace. How could he do this to him? Giratina had never felt more ashamed of itself than it did at this moment.

    Maybe it wasn't too late? Maybe if he apologized, Arceus would let him off the hook just until he had enough time to plot another attack.

    Unfortunately, before for Giratina even had the chance to finish the thought, Arceus's body began to glow vividly, completely blinding anything near his shining presence. It spoke the last words that Giratina would ever hear from him. It was his final message towards his son, and whether he appreciated it or not, was entirely up to him.


    One word. It only took one little word to completely shatter and destroy Giratina's attempt to foil his father.

    His voice was cold, distant, and reeked of disappointment. For the first time in his life, Giratina had no idea what he could do to get out of the situation.

    Palkia and Dialga then stared one last time at Giratina as they watched the shadow Pokemon stare wide mouthed at his own father. Deciding to put an end to to the battle, Arceus ascended Giratina's paralyzed body into the air and continued to do so until he reached a bright light into the sky.

    Giratina watched in horror as the bright light enveloped his body and opened a crack through the dimension, pulling his being towards it. As he was thrown out of the dimension, courtesy of Arceus, he took one final glance at Palkia and Dialga who watched as the Pokemon was being removed.

    You'll regret this Father! I swear it!

    That was all the shadow Pokemon had communicated to his siblings until the crack closed, completely sealing Giratina's presence in another dimension and putting an end between the battle of the gods.

    Even though Palkia and Dialga were glad that they're bout with Giratina was put too a close, they still felt sorrow for their lost brother. He was still apart of them and it was never easy to accept the fact that someone who you spent your entire life with was gone forever.

    Arceus looked up into the void of different colours, reflecting on how he went about handling the situation. Saying goodbye was never easy, but he had to do what was right. If they had continued to clash, the frequent disturbances would be strong enough to tear apart multiple dimensions.

    It didn't matter now, Giratina was gone and Arceus had made sure of that by stripping Giratina of all of his former power, sealing it within an Orb that now floated in front of him.

    In the spur of the moment, Arceus gazed upon the last remains of his banished son and decided to give the orb a name.

    The Griseous Orb.

    With one final look into the sky, Arceus stared into the direction of where he had sent his son.

    Good Bye, My Son

    Shortly After....

    Giratina looked around his surroundings and couldn't accept where he had been sent. The universe in which Giratina now existed in was filled with broken rock formations as far as the eye could see, and huge spiralling energies that enveloped the air.

    It was desolate place that was intended to act like some sort of prison for this rebel Pokemon. The realization of the fact that no matter what, he was trapped in this filthy and remote universe without any possibility of returning home, entered Giratina's mind. Another emotion that Giratina had not known became apparent to him and overtook his egotistical persona.


    Giratina screamed out violently in despair as he stood alone, trapped in this new world.

    This sadness however didn't last very long. Giratina's sorrow completely took a one hundred and eighty degree turn as it stopped screaming. An eerie smile began to spread across Giratina's face as he raised his head.

    A mild chuckle erupted from his mouth, which was replaced with full blown laughter. He had gone absolutely insane, not caring about this dimensions or even about his brothers. He only cared about one thing, or to be more precise one certain Pokemon

    Giratina stared intently at a crack in the sky, symbolizing his eternal banishment. With one last inhale, he roared with all of his might at that rift, communicating only towards itself.

    It had an eternity to devise a plan at getting Arceus to reveal itself again, and it was prepared to do anything.

    Absolutely anything.

    Sorry for such a long Prologue xD I really wanted to rethink the idea of how the battle went down and so I decided to change it a bit. Tell me what ya'll think
    Next Time: Chapter 1:“The Boy With No Memory”: A mysterious Pokemon escapes from Team Galactic, who is this run away Pokemon? As these events unfold, an unexpected guest arrives in Twin Leaf Town.
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