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What are your opinions on the music in the Pokémon games?

This can obviously be explored through various routes -

Which games have the best music?

Do you find yourself humming any of the music on a daily basis?

Do you keep track of each town's theme or are you just memorising music that could come from any old route?

Do you prefer the laidback town themes or the more menacing battle themes? - Which ones are more catchy?

Are there any specific compositions you like or dislike?

Obviously don't feel any need to strictly follow these questions, I'm just giving an idea for what you may wish to discuss when it comes to music of the games.

Now personally the most memorable theme is undoubtedly the opening theme for the original R/B games and this will have a 90% chance of being hummed by me on a particular day, it's actually so catchy. This is closely followed for me by the Wild Encounter theme, but almost all variants of the battle music find their way in to my head at some point. Unfortunately a lot of the other themes outside of battle also crop up in my mind, meaning I spend half the day just humming random Pokemon themes some of which I can't even remember which game they are from nevermind which town or route.

Overall I think I love the compositions done for the games and while I definitely prefer the R/B games' compositions over most other games, I believe it says a lot that seemingly unknown Pokemon game themes can stay in my head for prolonged periods of time. I think I would struggle to find a Pokemon theme I don't like which is very odd considering my usual indifference toward video game compositions; I even like Lavender Town's music!

Also as a last thing of note, I realise I haven't mentioned a single theme outside of Gen I so I'll just say Roxie's Gym Theme in Black 2 is pretty awesome too.
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