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Partly because lately Republicans have had a mindset of something isn't reality, isn't true, doesn't work, or isn't good unless it affects them directly or so in some way.

And partly, and less cynically, because for reasons I don't fully understand the state always ends up paying in the end. We had a propane plant explosion here a couple of years ago. The city and state forked up the money for cleanup. Which, I guess makes sense. If your house or building (in a work situation) catches fire out of your stupidity or neglect, the fire department doesn't charge you for putting it out. So, if the government has the equipment and staff, then I guess that's how it goes.

In our case, the government is hoping to sue them for just under the cost of cleanup (why? Why not a greater amount? Why undercut?) and the community that sustained damages is suing for hundreds of millions. But still.. it's all after the fact and tentative and based on the outcome of drawn-out legal battles. That's not how it should be.

And in our cases it was a left-leaning mayor and provincial government in power at the time. So, not really the right trying to bail out corporate asses as you seem to be alluding.
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