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    My town's name is Westwind and my name is Tanzania. I've got Bianca the snow leopard, Pierce the eagle, Tipper the cow, Ribbot the frog-droid, Hans the gay gorilla, Filbert the lazy squirrel, and Sally the squirrel, I think. I've had it since it was released on the 9th and I've logged about 80 hours or more, I think. Hey, if you want to add me as a friend message me! My 3DS friend code is in my lookup thingy. I REALLY want a Midna's mask, so I'll pay or trade for it.

    Overall, the game is slightly disappointing in new content but still incredibly fun and addictive. The multiplayer/online feature is a great touch, I've learned some spotty Japanese! It's a fantastic game, just wish it could be a bit different. Soooo many things are the same...
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