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I don't think any of the games have genuinely bad music, though I'm not a huge fan of the music in FRLG and DPPt. They're very hit and miss. The misses are pretty eh at best, but the hits? Stunning. So they've got that going for them.

As for my favorite generation in terms of music, I'd probably tie up Gen I, III, and V. I love the little runs in all the gen I songs. So good and intricate for the time, really. Gen III, namely RSE as we know how I feel about FRLG music, is very distinct and has made a name for itself because of it (that name being TRUMPETS OMG). Gen V has amazing themes as well. I also love Gen II songs, don't get me wrong. But I rank them lower than the odd number gens.

My favorite themes include all the battle themes from RBY, Regi theme from RSE, Deoxys theme from FRLG (like I said, the hits are amazing), Ecruteak City from GSC, Colress theme from BW2. I personally think Pokemon has some of the best music in video games, but you also have to consider it's Nintendo. I don't really recall Nintendo games in general to have bad music, haha.

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