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Originally Posted by DeltaSalamence View Post
I actually agree in that VB.NET is disgusting... But as I always say, you have to put up with it for the sake of beginners. I'd much rather just do everything in C++. You are probably the same.

By the way, I completely agree with you in that Java is horrible. In every way possible. Its concept is flawed.

When I checked the unzipped filesize, it was almost 10 MB, so that's what I was concerned about. People today want minimalist software for seemingly small tasks.

After removing the icon, and rebuilding the project, it was 4.9 MB.
I also had an icon in GBA.dll, it's filesize was reduced to < 22.5 KB ( compared to 525.kb ).
But really dude, nobody ever looks at disk-size for their programs anymore. That's a thing of the 90's that rieks of hdd's that used fat-ribbons, and a GB of disk space was considered grandeur.

Also, the concept behind Java is absolutely brilliant. It's implementation is crappy though, it's clunky, and just generally not well executed in my own experience. And what does your code have to do with beginners??? Any one who is using your program will likely not care what language it was written in, nor will the language have an impact on a users ability to use a program short of not having support for it.

Originally Posted by A Sunny Moo View Post
That is, of course, implying that C++ doesn't have its own downfalls. Compatability and having to install proprietary software to get any of it to work is a disaster.
Sometimes, its easier to have a program that can be used across multiple platforms.
Of course, since most rom editing tools are .exe, it would be implied that rom hacking would be done on Windows (and in that case, you would have your C++ updated)

anyway, back on topic, I think that this idea is very nice. I'm keeping my eye out for updates.
C++ takes a lot more time than would C# or Python. If I were to use any other language, it would be Python.
However, most machines will have .NET runtime installed, linux and apple have mono, so it's all good.
And considering that on average, hard drives are 100's of GB large, even 10 MB is laughable.
And you can't blame a language for proprietary software. It's the programmer's job to make sure and make using the software is easy. If your software uses gtk+ runtime, you better link to a gtk+ installer, or include it with yours. Also, you don't update your C++. You can update your VCRT which is Microsoft's C++ .NET hybrid freak of nature that I'm legitimately scared to touch with a 9-yard stick, but for the most part libstdc++ rarely updates and if it does the dll is small enough you can package with your app or compile it into your app.


this is the closest thing I have to a spec I have for how the plugin framework will be. Suggestions? Also, I'm about to make a git for this so that people can follow code-progress.

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