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    Lots of really neutral opinions on here about this..

    I am very much pro tattoo's but with some serious conditioning.
    I hate:
    unoriginal tattoos (ie. "I found this cool infinity symbol on Tumblr" just no.)
    tribal on skinny white guys
    tribal on muscular white guys
    tribal on white guys
    tribal on people without any real significance behind it (you don't belong to a tribe and your tribe-leader didn't put that on you.
    Drug, weapon and assorted contraband references
    Nudity, why does she have to have her breasts out? it's unnecessary.
    Face tattoos
    "cosmetic" tattoos that are supposed to look like make-up.
    tattoos by horrible artists that were done because they're cheap and they "just wanted to get into the tattoo scene".
    Crosses, mostly because of their religious significance and how they're improperly symbolised.
    people who say "Ink" "Inked" or variations of the word as well as those who shorten tattoos to "tats" also make me angry, makes it sound cheap and bogan.

    I do however enjoy well thought out and original work in any form.

    I myself have 3, technically 6 but three are practically the one. I definitely plan on getting many more done but at the moment I'm testing out which artists do a good enough job to work on something more noticeable.

    Did it hurt? Oh my no, I was practically falling asleep during the one on my wrist. The worst place was shading over the edge of my shoulder blade because I'm a skinny guy and there isn't really any meat.

    I think tattoos should be used only as a form of self expression, emphasis on self. Exceptions are only to get small matching tattoos symbolic of an event or shared experience. Otherwise they should be personal and not used to attain status in social groups.
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