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    How many times? I stopped counting when I started having regular sex but it was about an average of 3-4 times a week for a good two years with probably maybe maximum of a month gap maybe twice in that time.
    I have been counting partners however because well who doesn't.
    13 by New Years just gone for you nosey people

    I had just turned 14 my first time and I am so glad I didn't wait.
    I apologise to everyone I might accidentally offend here but I often think about all the things I would have missed if I waited until I was 18, or 16 even. All the people I would meet, and the confidence I have gained (Not to mention the skills you learn in the process ;D). People keep telling me that they're "waiting for that special person" but really my first experience means nothing but my starting point to a sexual career. Albeit all of my sexual partners have been with women I don't find myself being "in love" with so I don't really know what special is.
    I also think that if you don't have the experience, when it finally is special it'll suck. You need practise otherwise you're like a lost kid at Disneyland wanting to try all the attractions but not really knowing where to start or what to do when you get there.

    Only women, I'm not so much interested in men, I have been drunk enough to experiment but I couldn't go through with it. It makes me uncomfortable to be in a sexual environment when women aren't involved apparently.

    Alright so I have no issue with people with people who sleep around. I actually prefer it to be a quality in people
    But I don't like people who brag about how much action they get or who display videos or pictures in social environments or mediums.
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