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Which games have the best music?

Ooh...that's a tough one. I certainly like the variable music in BW, such as in the second town where you add the piano. But there's also something to be said for the trumpet-heavy Hoenn, Sinnoh's is all pretty decent, and HGSS you can listen to it in the style of old games as well...oh and FRLG are good too. Overall, no conclusion.

Do you find yourself humming any of the music on a daily basis?

No I don't hum too much, and when I do there's too much pop/rock music that's more catchy.

Do you keep track of each town's theme or are you just memorising music that could come from any old route?

Um...I generally remember what to expect in each town. Except BW towns, I'd have to start playing the game before I remember them, whereas I know all the Hoenn music except some battle themes, even when I hadn't played the game for years.

Do you prefer the laidback town themes or the more menacing battle themes? - Which ones are more catchy?

I like them all really. Although one of the most catchy ones is a battle theme (See below).

Are there any specific compositions you like or dislike?

Love it, the old-style remix is cool too, but this is by far my favourite piece of battle music, possibly of all music in the games.
Also love the aforementioned music from that second town in BW:
"I am Aron Man"
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