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Conor Crawford || Outside The Lugia White Dorm

"I'll be fine Clumsy, I just need a few Minutes that’s all" explained the girl. Conor managed to crack a smile. “At least she seems to be okay” he thought breathing a sigh of relief. Just as Conor thought everything seemed to be okay, he attempted to lift himself of his knees but, as he lifted himself from the ground his head was again thrown back. This Pichu was persistent and wasn’t going to leave Conor alone any time soon. The girl who seemed to be taking care of these Pokémon ran over and pulled the tiny mouse Pokémon from the back of Conor’s head. “Thanks” Conor said smiling at the girl.

As Conor looked back at the Pichu and the girl holding it, he was shocked to see when the Pichu jumped out of the girl’s arms, throwing the girl to the ground and the Pichu again started pulling on Conor’s hair. "Ow..., T-That hurt..." he heard the girl mutter as she lay on the ground. Conor quickly shook off the Pokemon, and ran over to the girl, her eyes were closed. The girl seemed to just lay there motionless.

“Umm .. Hello? Hello? Are ... Are you okay?” Conor asked the poor girl who lay on the ground. He looked across at the girl he recently flung to the ground in his clumsy escape from the dorm. “This isn’t good!” Conor worryingly said to the girl.
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