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    Video #2 - Introducing Black & White Series: (23.02.14)

    Greetings all,

    I have developed a pokemon tcg simulator game which you can play online 1-1 with another player to have fun. Features:
    • All effects of cards, powers, bodies, trainers, energies and all rules are automated by the game.
    • Real and big card images.
    • Lobby function to gather and chat.
    • Deck builder
    • Free to play
    • Supports windows, mac, linux, ipad, etc.
    • Currently available formats: Unlimited, Classic, Ecard, EX, Worlds 2003, Worlds 2004.
    • Two game modes: Career and Quickplay.
    • Personal Inventory
    • In-game Currency
    • In-game Market for Trading Cards, Decks and Booster Packs
    • Game scoring system
    • Scoreboards
    • Leveling system
    • Game timer feature
    • Spectating online games
    • Booster Pack simulator
    • Daily Quests
    • Achievements
    Currently available expansions
    • Base Set
    • Jungle
    • Fossil
    • Base Set 2
    • Team Rocket
    • Gym Heroes
    • Gym Challenge
    • Neo Genesis
    • Neo Discovery
    • Neo Revelation
    • Neo Destiny
    • Legendary Collection
    • Expedition
    • Aquapolis
    • Skyridge
    • EX Ruby & Sapphire
    • EX Sandstorm
    • EX Dragon
    • EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
    • EX Hidden Legends
    • Black & White: Coming on Feb 26th!
    • Emerging Powers: Coming on Feb 26th!
    • Noble Victories: Coming on Feb 26th!
    • Next Destinies: Coming on Feb 26th!


    23.02.14: TCG ONE is finally ready to release first 4 sets of Black & White series! The release date is 26.02.14!
    21.02.14: v10.51: Achievements!
    11.02.14: v10.48: Levelup rewards +100 bits now. The bonus is retroactive
    06.02.14: v10.47: Neo Revelations and Neo Destiny available for quickplay. Worlds 2003 format.
    15.01.14: v10.31: Neo Genesis and Neo Discovery available to quickplay.
    13.01.14: v10.29: Gym Series Booster Packs are now available.
    02.01.13: v10.15: Gym Series are now available to play. Random Deck Creator implemented.
    28.11.13: v10.00: TCG ONE proudly presents: Career Mode!
    Personal Inventory. In-game Currency (Bits). In-game Market for trading Cards, Decks and Booster Packs. Game scoring system. Weekly, Monthly and All-Time Scoreboards. Leveling system. Game timer feature. Import Deck feature. Booster Opening Simulator feature. Many UI improvements. Bug fixes: Beldum (HL), Eevee (WBSP), Magneton (AQ), Metagross EX (HL)
    10.10.13: v9.52: Hidden Legends set completed. 102 new cards. New Format: Modified 2003-2004 is available.
    04.10.13: v9.37: Team Magma vs Team Aqua set completed. 97 new cards.
    17.09.13: v9.12: Dragon set completed. 100 new cards.
    12.09.13: v8.95: Sandstorm set completed. 100 new cards.
    27.08.13: v8.71: Ruby&Sapphire set completed, 109 new cards.
    25.08.13: v8.52: Skyridge set completed. We're at 360+ registered users and 840+ played games!
    10.08.13: v8.21: Aquapolis set completed. It has been live for over 3 weeks now: 230+ registered players, 420+ played games.
    04.08.13: v7.68: Expedition set completed. It has been live for over 2 weeks now, over 100+ registered, 150+ games have been played.
    18.07.13: Team Rocket set completed. First deployment is done, it is live now.
    09.07.13: Fossil set completed.
    01.07.13: Jungle set completed.
    19.06.13: Base Set completed.
    It means you can select any card in these sets and play like ptcgo!

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