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Originally Posted by angelomanalo View Post
If there is one, it would be Princess Monster Wife. I don't really get the point of it.
Ice King just randomly steals princesses' parts and turn them into some other princess.
It's kinda weird. I mean, in Hitman, Ice King mentions he doesn't like LSP. Now, he cut part of her face and then said to his wife, "You have all my favorite parts of my favorite princesses!" I mean, Ice King, seriously?! I mean you seriously knocked Finn and Jake out cold! I thought you loved them!

And BTW, I didn't watch Another Five Short Graybles, because here in the Philippines new episodes of
shows come out so late that we're like 15 episodes away from the other countries, and plus we
don't have cable. And also I don't really think about watching it because my brother watched new episodes first and he hates it when I copy him. So yes, I didn't watch it.
Why don't you stream it on the internet? That's what I do, I don't even own a TV right now...

I think the las graybles episode was kinda nuts, I liked it a lot, obvious theme is

Can't wait for more episodes.