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    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    Gonna merge this with the other Ash's age thread just because there's no reason to have a bunch floating around. ;x

    But this theory still doesn't work due to the beginning of Best Wishes. It's clearly stated in both the Japanese and the English dub that Ash is 10 years old. Unless they retcon this by editing out the line for re-broadcast, Ash has not aged and everything has taken place in less than two months, due to him being 10 years and 10 months when his journey began.

    I wouldn't mind them doing a significant time skip at some point though. Like we just skip out on about six years of Ash's life and he comes back as the group mother/mentor? That'd be interesting. Maybe they'll do that for Kalos, since it has plenty of kid characters to work with already.
    Also i was watching the Hoenn Saga on Boomerang the other day and during that saga Ash definitely seemed older and more experienced than the Unova league.
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