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Yoyo. I've been told by Andy that I don't actually need to sign up to ask a question or whatever so... here goes! If there's no-one here who can help then I'll just make a thread in CC&P or something like that.

So, here's my situation. I have a summer to kill and, while I'm not looking to get hench or whatever, I basically need to put on some weight and at least get some muscle or something. Just so that every shirt I own doesn't hang off of me, haha. Unfortunately it's not that easy so I can't just go do it.

Here's my (rather depressing...) situation. I've always been a pretty active guy; I've always run a lot and played cricket, football, hockey and tennis (English definitions here) a lot and if I do say so myself I've always been quite good at them. Certainly, I'd consider myself someone very willing to play sport and generally get exercise, although it'd probably be better if I did something aside from just running around after a ball. However I've always been someone who gets fairly ill a lot so I had nothing really physical to show for it as I spent a lot of time losing weight and whatnot, but I could always deal with that. However that's all kinda changed in the last year or so since I was diagnosed with cancer. At first I handled it pretty well since I was already in a fairly good physical shape and the chemo and whatnot didn't have too much of an effect but as time's gone on I've found myself less and less able to do physical exercise due to weight loss and muscle wastage and as such my response to the treatment is gradually getting worse. I'm in remission for both the primary and later developed secondary cancers right now, which is awesome, but in order to stay that way I'm really gonna need to be keeping myself in shape so that I can continue handling the therapy properly. The issue, as I say, being that the longer the chemo goes on the worse my physical condition gets.

As I say I have no issue with exercise and whatnot but it's just becoming extremely difficult to actually get any done despite how imperative it is that I stay in decent physical shape. Plus it'd be nice to put some weight and muscle on to boot! I can't afford a gym membership at present and I'm not in much of a state for any heavy physical exercise or whatnot. Or all that much exercise at all, really. At least, right now I'm not. What sort of things should I be doing / what should I be eating / etc to keep me fit, all this considered?

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