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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    You do know that you wash the mud-like thing off, right? The mark it leaves behind when you take it off is what the tattoo is. And you only leave it for about... 15 to 30 minutes? Less in some cases.
    I did not! I was confused, because some pictures looked like ink, and the others just looked like the Henna paste. That honestly sounds a whole lot better! I heard about Henna when my teacher made this little rap about one of the kids in my class just to shut up him... Either way, I think I'd prefer a real tattoo over this, although this is probably not even comparable in pain levels. And from what I looked up, you can get a light stain in that short amount of time, but if you want a darker, longer lasting tattoo, then you want to leave it on longer. I guess they also darken over time, which is pretty cool, because while it's a cool color, I can't say I'd particularly want a tattoo of that shade of orange-brown.
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