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    Originally Posted by MattThePatrat View Post
    2nd Update
    -I started Route 2. The first Pokemon I saw was a Vileplume, but I accidentally killed it, so no catches for Route 2.
    -I beat a few trainers. One of them paralyzed Worf (Magmar).
    -I completely forget about the Bianca battle before Striaton City.
    -With Worf paralyzed, her Clefable gave me a close call, but no casualties yet.
    -Got to the Striaton City Pokemon Center. Healed up and bought 3 potions and a Pokeball.
    -Went to the Trainer's School, easily defeated Cheren's Swinub and Venipede.
    -Went to the Dream Yard, beat a couple trainers.
    -Received a Skitty from the girl that normally gives the elemental monkeys. I creatively named it Kitty.
    -Grinded Worf and NearUseles to level 15. Kitty to 16.
    -NearUseles evolved to a Wobbuffet.
    -The Striaton City Gym was a walk in the park. I may have overdone the grinding, but better safe than sorry.
    -I received the HM Cut from Fennel.

    Current Party
    Worf (Level 15 Magmar)
    NearUseles (Level 15 Wobbuffet)
    Kitty (Level 16 Skitty)

    No Casualties Yet
    P.S. None of my Pokemon can learn cut and I need one that can. Could I just catch a Pokemon that can learn it and only use it when I need to? I would keep it in the PC at all other times and never use it in battle.
    I would assume that you are allowed to if it's preventing you from continuing, however once u catch another pokemon that can use cut, you have to teach it to that pokemon and dispose of the replacement pokemon

    My log:
    -I had just started to make my way to Olivine City and I get encountered by a pidgey, I know just my luck.
    -I go through the lighthouse with no troubles
    -As I make my way to route 40 I'm told I forgot to pick up surf at Ecruteak
    -So I'm now surfing on route 40 to be encountered by a zubat, yea my luck is just great
    -Now on route 41 I encounter a lvl 89 tentacool
    My highest lvl pokemon was lvl 27 so that was the end of my run
    Don't know if that counts but I'm pretty sure it does. Not sure if I'm gonna go another round with this game and challenge, but I probably try the challenge on another game if you guys say that tentacool was the end of my run
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