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Kayla Makihatayama

Kayla tilted her head. "But I need my crutches to walk," she whispered. She giggled. "You're silly, Ace." She started walking faster and caught up with Shawn. "Are you trying to leave us behind or something?" she asked. She frowned. "And I never really thanked you for getting rid of that guy... So thank you!" She smiled and pecked his cheek before walking off. "Let's hurry, though. Prim and Rose could have caused a lot of trouble already..." Kayla sighed. "I wish that they knew how to control themselves..." Yuri rolled her eyes and ran ahead. Kayla blinked and sighed again. "Maybe she's going ahead to make sure that they're still there or something. I trust her."

Holly Amarosa

Holly didn't answer Iny at all. She was perfectly still, except for her chest which was rising and falling slowly. Molly looked at her sadly before turning to Primrose. "What were you thinking?!" she yelled. "You could have killed her!" Rosemary whimpered. "That was a bit much, Prim," she whispered. "And you shouldn't have pulled that boy's hair..." Primrose squeaked angrily and sighed. "It was fun, though! And she shouldn't have stopped me!" She frowned and gasped when she saw Yuri in the distance. "Rose, I think that we're in trouble..." she whispered. Molly sighed and poked Holly, trying to get her to wake up.
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