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    Try using GIMP and GBAGE instead of TMA and APE and just about everything else except UnLZ. just get the offsets, then put those in GBAGE. then save the image, open it in GIMP, and change the format from RGB to indexed. this will automatically generate a pallet for the image that can be re-aranged. the order shown in the editor is the order that will be saved in the image, so use this to your advantage. you can also manually change the colors in the pallet. you can now edit it with only the colors from the pallet(if you try a color not in the pallet, it will automatically become the closest color in the pallet). you can then export it as any image file that GBAGE can load, and a lot more. from GBAGE, you can just navigate to the offsets again and import the image and pallet at the same time, being sure to select repoint. Then save. I feel that this is much easier, but only if you know how to use them. Another advantage is that as far as I know, there aren't any glitches in GBAGE and GIMP. not true for my experiences with both UnLZ and TMA. However, your process is probably better for people who aren't as good as figuring things out as me, because both GIMP and GBAGE are more advanced programs.
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