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    Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - to the Abandoned Dorm

    Shawn blinked in surprise when Kayla pecked him on the cheek, causing him to turn a little red in the face. He shook his head free from it and shrugged, "No thanks needed, Kayla. Its what I do for all my friends." He felt his heart sink a little when he said those words. "Oh well," he thought, "maybe some other girl would be interested in me." As he got closer to the dorm, though, he thought back to the other night, when he got thrown out of it by an unseen force. Before he could think about it, he groaned a little in pain, instinctively grabbing his bandaged head for a few seconds.

    He ignored the pain for now as he rounded the corner to the dorm. To his surprise, he saw not only Kayla's pokemon, but three others. One boy, two seemed to be in trouble, though. He approached the group, confident that the others were not far behind him, and nodded in greeting. He looked to all three trainers there and asked the most obviously stupid question of all time, "Is everything here ok?"

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