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Kayla Makihatayama and Holly Amarosa

Kayla smiled and gasped when she noticed the bandages on Shawn's head. How could I have not noticed? she thought sadly. I should have paid more attention. Maybe he got hurt, too... She frowned. "What happened to your head?" she asked. Kayla blinked when she saw the group and froze when she saw Holly lying on the ground. "Holly!" Kayla shrieked. She threw her crutches to the side and fell to the ground, wincing when she hit her bad leg. She crawled over to Holly and sat down. "Say something," she whispered, taking Holly from Iny and putting her on her lap. "Anything..."

Primrose frowned and walked over to Kayla. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't want to do anything." Rosemary walked over to them and sighed. Kayla frowned and looked around. "What happened?" she asked. She hugged Holly tightly and looked at Iny. "How'd she get hurt?" Molly glared at Primrose. "You stupid mouse," she hissed. Primrose whimpered and backed away slowly. Yuri yawned. "What did you do this time?"
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