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    Well, since Cutlerine said to debate, I've decided to put some of what I've taken note of here.
    A part of the puzzle has to do with the prevails/pervades phrase.
    Call: A smell of petroleum prevails throughout.
    Title/Remembering: A smell of petroleum pervades throughout.
    1. To be greater in strength or influence; triumph: prevailed against the enemy.
    2. To be or become effective; win out: hoped justice would prevail.
    3. To be most common or frequent; be predominant: a region where snow and ice prevail.
    4. To be in force, use, or effect; be current: an ancient tradition that still prevails.
    5. To use persuasion or inducement successfully. Often used with on, upon, or with. See Synonyms at persuade.

    The fourth definition makes the most sense in context with the phrase. Rephrasing it using the fourth definition in mind gives "A smell of petroleum is in force throughout".

    pervade: to spread through or throughout, esp subtly or gradually; permeate

    This phrase is rewritten as "A smell of petroleum is gradually spreading throughout".
    Rephrased Phrases
    Call Def 4: A smell of petroleum is in force throughout.
    Title Def: A smell of petroleum is gradually spreading throughout.

    I normally would find how the two would relate to each other, but a quick scan of the beginning of the adventure made me realize that "Lyra" was the person who gave us the call phrase (I forgot to write that down when I made that note). There was also a "Bloodstained Mail" by Lyra. Although the contents of the message are to be a bit expected, the way it was delivered wasn't.
    Are the Lyra from the mail and the Lyra from the call the same?
    If they are, who's blood is on the letter? I doubt it would be her's, unless she was bleeding at the time that she wrote it. It makes some sense that it could be someone else's blood.
    If they aren't, then who has Lyra's PokeGear? What happened to Lyra? Could the person have knocked off Lyra, and thus it's her blood on the letter?
    When was the letter written?

    ...Yeah, some of my notes are questions. Anyways, I think that whoever is on the other end of Lyra's PokeGear has something to do with this.
    > Do you have your PokeGear? See if you can call Lyra up again.
    > Also, how exactly are we going to get to Goldenrod or the Ruins of Alph from Olivine? Head to Ecruteak first, you may be able to get some protection for Elm and Jasmine because they're with you.
    > Completely random idea here, but smell the air.