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In Generation IV, one of the many new things we were introduced to was the addition of Honey. This could be slathered on trees to attract specific species of Pokémon after the player had waited for six hours or more. This mechanic has since been removed in the Generation V games and is likely not to reappear in the Pokémon series again.

As with most of my topics, I have a few questions to help raise discussion points.

First of all, did you ever attempt to use the Honey to catch Pokémon? If not, was it due to the waiting times, lack of species available or something different entirely?

How do you think it compares to other methods of wild encounters such as Headbutting Trees in G/S/HG/SS?

Would you like to see this mechanic return in future games?

And finally, how the hell does a Heracross fit in a tree?

As always, don't feel obligated to answer all or any of my questions, I always simply include them to help with discussion.
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