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Partner Pokemon: Lugia
Favourite Psychic-types: Lugia, mainly because of my past experiences with it, back when it played a major role on my team in Silver. I actually mainly used it for Flying and Water type moves, since I thought that was its typing for the longest time. I mean, it's the freaking guardian of the sea, how can it not be a Water type. But nope, turns out it was Psychic type instead.

I also like Pokemon like Mewtwo, Alakazam and Slowbro (I played a lot of first generation games, shup), mainly because they're all super powerful with they Psychic type moves, and they've rarely ever let me down in battle. Basically, I feel like most Psychic types are good for the damage powerhouse in the team, which is why I always feel like they're such valuable members.

Why you like the Psychic-types?: Pretty much mentioned that above. They're pretty much always reliable to deal great damage to the foe's Pokemon, and pretty much all Psychic types I've used have turned out to be some of the most valuable Pokemon on my team. I hate using them in Nuzlockes though, because a lot of them faint extremely easy, so I either end up quickly losing them, or I lose them in some of the later major battles, which is just absolutely painful :( But yeah, Psychic types just feel really special to me, which is why I like them.

If you became a Psychic-type Pokemon all of a sudden, what would you do with your newfound powers?
I don't know, brainwash people to make an army to help me in my world conquest? Kill random passerby's for fun with my awesome psychic powers? Or just prank people by making them lose complete control over their body. Nah, all I can think of are either dangerous, painful or just plain nasty things, because that's all I can really associate psychic abilities with. I guess I could use it to bend spoons, but come on, that's boring!

What are some of your favourite Psychic-type moves?

Eh, not all too familiar with the moves in Pokemon, since I haven't played all that much over the past few years, and I've only used very few Psychic Pokemon. And the moves that have appeared lots of times with those have been Psybeam and Psychic, so I guess those would be my favourite moves. I don't play competitively, so all those Psychic type moves that people use for advantages, like switching abilities and such, I'm not really familiar with at all, and have never used them. I know of them, but that's about it. I really feel like the Psychic type lacks damaging moves, but I'm mainly talking third gen and before here, so yeah.

What is the most impressive Psychic-type Pokemon that you have seen in the anime?

I'm actually surprised that so few mentioned Mewtwo, but then again, it's a given. His powers were pretty incredible in both the first movie and in Mewtwo Returns, and it definitely put him at the top as the most impressive Psychic type I've seen, both in the games and in the anime. I mean, he could pretty much wreck anything in his path, and the only way Giovanni was able to stop him, was by threatening to hurt his friends, and Mewtwo still managed to get back on his feet as the killing machine he is (with some help from Ash, but who cares >:O).

Sabrina's Kadabra was also pretty cool, but not much was really done at all to highlight Sabrina as a trainer, and the same goes for a lot of the other gym leaders. in the first season of the anime, Ash pretty much won most of the important battles on luck, and though they've made him more of a strategic and battle wise person in the later seasons, it still left a lot of the first generation gym leaders in the dust, since there wasn't much battle with them.

What Psychic Pokemon do you think cannot control its power?

I'm gonna roll with Mewtwo again. In the games the Cerulean Cave was sealed off for most trainers because Mewtwo was simply too powerful, and why this doesn't exactly imply that Mewtwo can't control its power, I think it's the best candidate for it. I mean, the ones who become evil are often the ones with power they can't control and then the hero comes along and they're the only one that can control the power blah blah cliche stuff. But yeah, I'm pretty sure Mewtwo was regarded as an evil Pokemon, and they somehow kept it inside the cave because otherwise it'd go on a rampage and stuff. In the anime, he wasn't able to control his power before Giovanni taught him either, so yeah, I guess I can base it on that, even if the anime isn't really canonical.
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