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    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn smiled looking at the dorm. "It looks neat" she said as Silver knelt near the ground so she could easily slide off. Getting off carefully keeping a hand on Silver's neck she grabbed her crutches and balanced herself before returning Silver and calling out Jazz and Belle.

    "Sounds good, wonder what we'll find in there" she said smiling at Dex. "I wonder why this is called the Lugia dorm, when the other three are named after the legendary dogs. It's make more sense if the dorms were named after the legendary birds instead..." she said thoughtfully as she took in the dorms appearance. The color had faded, windows were boarded up, and some students had even put graffiti on the building. I'm just here for the adventure, and to catch a new Pokemon she thought.

    (OOC: Funny thing, this character has a sprained ankle, and I sprained mine on Monday falling down stairs)

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