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Conor Crawford || Outside The Lugia White Dorm

Conor watched as Iny cradled Holly’s head on her lap. He noticed that Holly seemed to be breathing. “Thankfully she’s still breathing” he thought quietly to himself. He also managed to take notice of the whimpering and squeaks of the Pokémon on the ground. “Please be okay” he whispered as he waited and watched for any change in Holly’s condition.

Conor heard footsteps walk towards him from behind, as he looked around he saw a boy approach the group and nod in greeting. As he looked towards Conor and Iny he asked, "Is everything here ok?”. Conor took a moment to absorb the question, “Surely everything doesn’t look okay” he thought to himself. Nevertheless just as Conor was about to explain the situation to Shawn, a girl came crawling up beside Holly and took her from Iny.

The girl was clearly in distress, Conor just stood in silence. “These girls must be close friends, related even” he thought. Conor had never experienced anything this serious before. Conor could do nothing but only hope that Holly would wake up.
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