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What is the scariest movie you've ever watched? (Remember to add spoiler tags for spoilers if you give a reason why it was scary!)
'Ray J & Kim K'
Which family members are you close to (from an emotional standpoint, that is?)
From an emotional standpoint, only my little brother and sister. My parents, well, we never had an emotional bond and my other brother...he's just an ass and we're truly only related by blood. I'm not a believer in unconditional love towards family just because they're family, so to say that I love the latter three people I've mentioned would be untruthful.
What are your tastes in music?
*2006 Myspace profile voice* 'Anything but rap and country!'
I'm open to most music, but I tend to not like indie as a genre, or most metal music. The sounds are just too raw or out of time for my ears, I prefer a beat which is either polished to perfection or it has a nice melody.
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