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    Originally Posted by diab_low View Post
    The quote by Immortal Technique "I see the world beyond the white and the black"

    Overlooking colour and race and seeing each other as one, as brothers and sisters.

    The world is bleeding as it is we do not need more hate. We do not need black or Latino or Asian women to believe they are not beautiful because they are not white. I've seen this happen a lot of times and countless of times it hurts. So with that said all women are beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful and blessed because they are all unique in their own exquisite ways.
    So many good Immortal Technique quotes, so little time.

    Some of my favorite quotes of all time are from one single song.

    "The mind of a child is where the revolution begins."

    "Ignorance is venomous and murders the soul, spreading like a virus running rampant out of control."

    "If the solution has never been to look in yourself, how is it that you expect to find in anywhere else?"

    "Even though we survived through the struggle that made us, we still look at ourselves through the eyes of people that hate us."
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