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    Iny Gage: Outside The Lugia Dorm

    Iny looked down at the girl in her lap, Pleading for her to wake up despite not even knowing her all that well. "Come on holly, Wake up." Iny says, shaking her slightly. "I can see you breathing, quit kidding me and wake up!" She says hoping it might just be a joke.

    "Holly!" Shrieked a voice from behind her.

    Looking back she sees another girl, Crawling Towards them. Arriving there she Takes Holly from Iny and continues trying to speak to her.

    "What happened? How'd she get hurt?" The girl asked asked looking at Iny.

    "It was the mouse, It shocked her and knocked her out." Iny Quickly explained, Leaving out the minor details.

    Iny watches as the girl scolds the Culprit harshly. "I would have kicked the little thing if it was my brother..." Iny thinks to herself, Thinking of her brother back home.

    "Wait..." Iny thought to herself, Searching her bag for something. "Here it is" She said to herself, Pulling out a small sack from her bag.

    "Hey" Iny said, Tapping the girl on the shoulder. "I Got this from Professor Sage's class earlier today" She says pulling out a small red berry. "It's a Cheri berry It's supposed to cure paralysis, Maybe you can get it down Holly's throat" Iny explains, Thankful she got the Boring Class today.
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